HydraLIST™ Head Selector

This exciting part of Hydratec's HydraLIST solves the problem of figuring out just what kind of sprinkler head to choose when there are thousands to choose from.

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In addition, the HydraLIST Head Selector will be updated periodically via our website and is available for download or by CD at no charge to our maintenance customers. All others must call for a quote.

HydraLIST Head Selector can also be purchased as a standalone program for those who have a need for a fast, easy and incredibly comprehensive sprinkler selection tool.

Description Price Support/Updates
HydraLIST Head Selector (free with HydraLIST) $250 $100 per annum

*$100 shipping charge added to all orders outside of North America ($50 to Canada)

Support and Updates

Hydratec's support plan is the strongest in the industry. You have the choice of full support or updates only support. The support and updates plan includes all upgrades for that product for the platform you purchased.

The full plan also includes phone and email support. Minor and major upgrades are available 24 hours a day on this Website. Our support technicians are sprinkler designers or the actual programmers of the software and will respond promptly to your problems. Our support price does not go up when you add additional systems.

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